Places We’ve Never Been by Kasie West

“But failure in life is inevitable. It’s only a problem if we let it keep us from progressing.” 
― Kasie West, Places We’ve Never Been

Okay, let me start this off with admitting that Kasie West is one of my all-time favorite YA authors. She writes all the warmth and fuzzy feelings of a good Hallmark movie and then adds in relatable teenaged characters. It’s the BEST blend of fluffy YA romance.

Places We’ve Never Been was the perfect weekend read for me. It was like a cleanse for my heart and my brain after dealing with some pretty heavy personal stuff. It was just the right amount of tensions and low-key stakes for my tender heart.

Aspiring artist animator Norah hasn’t seen her best-friend Skyler in forever. Not since he moved away. They’ve rarely even talked. But in a kind of random (but not so random after all) way, they’re thrown together again in a multi-family vacation scenario.

Norah is stoked to get some quality time with Skyler again, but her enthusiasm dwindles when he’s cold and distant at their reunion. Over the course of many tourist stops, hours looking through old sketch books, and romantic bonfires, they rekindle the connection they once had.

If you enjoyed any of Kasie’s other books, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s on-brand for West’s fluffy YA vibes that we all love. I’m already looking forward to reading it again.

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